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Monkey Weddings & Summer Sapphires

South Africa to Nova Scotia: Stories, Recipes & Memories


Winter in Nova Scotia

It's the snow that gets me in the end

Light confetti starts to waft around the air, each snowflake growing larger and more intense, until the snow covers everything white and hides the ugliness of a grey winter. The trees, completely bare of their lush foliage, are dusted like confectioner's sugar and their spiny bonelike branches reach up to the pewter sky like sharp white talons.

Our cat Harry, sits in the make shift bird feeder on our deck, his bum on ice, mesmerized by the falling snow. His jet-black fur is sprinkled white in minutes, and now he looks like an old gray man. The first snowfall of the season puts everyone in a good mood. It seems to soften everything, including my usual contempt for the cold. A winter without snow will simply never be the same. 

The world is now in deep slumber, and we must wait it out at least another 3 months for signs of life.

It is the season of sundogs, snow moons and deep sleep.

Winter in Nova Scotia
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