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Monkey Weddings & Summer Sapphires

South Africa to Nova Scotia: Stories, Recipes & Memories

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Monkey Weddings & Summer Sapphires Cookbook, Signed


$ 35.00 (US)

"Monkey Weddings & Summer Sapphires" is a lovely telling of a childhood spent in Johannesburg, South Africa, and of settling into adult life and motherhood in Nova Scotia, Canada. The author's voice is strong and lyrical, with vivid dreamlike descriptors. 

The narrative is told through the seasons as an insider, but also as an outsider, as someone "from away." Each season begins with a memory and a story of the season in South Africa and unfolds into life in Nova Scotia, often showing similarities and differences alongside anecdotes, co-incidences, memories, and traditions.  

Recipes, collected from travels, family, and friends allows the story to be told with the foods and dishes as the conveyance. The changing seasons, the natural wild beauty that surrounds everyday life, the abundance of wild edibles and local produce all serve as the inspiration to each chapter. 

Part narrative, part recipe book "Monkey Weddings & Summer Sapphires," is as comfortable in the kitchen as on the coffee table with beautiful imagery and storytelling. Long narrative headnotes and stories give readers a new way of interacting with foods, allowing them to connect in an authentic and personal style.

Praise for “Monkey Weddings & Summer Sapphires”


Amongst a wonderful collection of recipes, Colleen shares her life adventure with us — through beautiful photography, details & atmospheric storytelling —  in a dream of 2 unlikely places. Keeping roots in one nourished, whilst growing & nurturing new ones & blossoming in both.  — TESSA KIROS, author “Provence to Pondicherry,” “Venezia,” “Limoncello & “Linen Water.”


The photos are stunning, and the recipes delicious. The attention to detail in styling and art direction is very impressive.  I love the use of North light and the top down approach to photographing for a recipe book. — JAMES INGRAM, photographer “In Praise of Prince Edward Island.”


Turning the first few pages to her beautifully mesmerizing book, the reader falls in wonder as she tells tales of celebration through food. Read Ms. Thompson’s book like a novel, but above all else; cook her recipes. Have friends over frequently and celebrate life from the dinner table because that’s what this uniquely personal story of adventures inspires us to do. — TERRI SALMINEN, chef & writer 

“Monkey Weddings & Summer Sapphires” is a beautiful book that weaves together memoir and food with obvious love and beautiful photography. I am drawn in by the foraged flavours: Spruce Shoot Cocktail, Chocolate and Lilac Bundt Cake, Forager’s Focaccia. — ELEANOR FORD, author “Fire Islands” and “Samarkand.”

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