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Monkey Weddings & Summer Sapphires

South Africa to Nova Scotia: Stories, Recipes & Memories

chocolate & lilac bundt cake

Spring in Nova Scotia

The gardens and forests are an iridescent green, the sky pale pewter and thick with moisture. Now and then we get a brief respite from the damp; a weak vernal sun comes out to warm our winter bones, and we catch a glimpse of the good life again.

By April we have several days in a row above a degree or two and by May each day is growing progressively warmer. The first real change is the sounds of the birds. They have calculated the suns arc to the horizon and they have returned.

Each morning they are the first things we hear again after a long season of silence. The Canada Geese, arrive back early from hanging out in Wisconsin. We hear their plaintive honking as they fly over our house and skid onto our still partly frozen lake. Back again, their unshakable faith to return to their roots, their life mate in tow, is a quiet reassurance in knowing they have chosen this neck of the woods to call home.


The Robins are at the feeder and I’m hoping with every fibre of my being that the Mi’kMaq are right, and that the little red breasted birds with their bright yellow beaks are drawing the sun towards us.

lilac blossoms in a vintage bowl
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